Japan: First Couple Days

Japan: First Couple Days

We landed on Tokyo on Thursday afternoon. After customs and the Narita Express into Tokyo, we got to our Airbnb and then went out to find dinner. 

OMG. We went to this place called Fuunji Ramen. They have tsukemen. HOW HAVE I NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE?! We were so excited and hungry that we forgot to take pictures. The head chef is this J-Rock dude who swings the noodles around. It’s a tiny hole in the wall and you order from a machine. You have to line up against the wall to wait your turn for a seat. We got one order of tsukemen and one order of ramen. Both were the best. We’re going back (at least I really hope so!).

Friday we rode the Tokyo Metro to Shibuya and went to the crossing. We walked through Shibuya to Harajuku and then to Yoyoji Park. I think Shawn shared about our trip to Meiji Shrine. After resting, we went out and explored Shinjuku more and ate more ramen. 

Saturday was great. We went to Tsukiji Fish Market. We skipped the auction because I’ve been sick and wanted to rest. The market was cool and we ate some tasty sushi there. 

Afterwards, we went to visit Hotel Okura on the recommendation of a friend. Boy was it quite the treat! The main hotel has been demolished, but the south wing is still open. It is a gorgeous mid-century hotel and we were obsessed with the entire thing, walking all around and taking a million photos. 

After the hotel, we headed to Ginza to meet up with my friend Matt. We found Matt, then met up with a few of his friends who invited us to an art show, so we checked that out. 

We explored Ginza a bit more, then headed to Asakusa to see the big lantern and Senso-ji Temple. It was the perfect time of day to be there (dusk) and we enjoyed looking around that area. 

We met up with Matt’s fiancee, Akina, and went to an izakaya for dinner and drinks. Before heading home, we walked along the river. It was a great day.

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