Taipei, Part Two

Taipei, Part Two

If you haven’t read part one of our Taipei adventure, head here to read it first.

Can I just tell you how awesome it is to have a friend or know someone in a foreign country? If you haven’t traveled abroad, do it, and make sure you meet some people along the way. Your horizons will be broadened, your life will be more full, and you’ll learn new things and new culture. We are both so grateful that we could arrange our travel to be in Taiwan at the same time as Stephanie, and even more grateful that her family welcomed us in with open arms. Taiwan and especially Taipei has been incredible because we got an insider’s view. It really has been amazing.

On Wednesday, Stephanie took us out to see some of her favorite places. After meeting her other Ama and a delicious noodle lunch, we headed to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial to learn a bit more about Taiwanese history. What a beautiful place! The history of CKS is a bit controversial, but it was good to visit and learn more.

Main memorial
Main memorial
Guards acting similar to the Queen’s guard in London!


Group shot (so bright out!)
Besties in Taiwan!!

After CKS memorial, we went to Longshan Temple, which is one of the most popular in Taipei and Stephanie’s family’s main temple. It was beautiful! And so great to learn more about religion in Taiwan.


dsc_3497 dsc_3501

We then went to some older areas of Taipei to check out the scenes. It was really cool looking!

img_20161102_145158 img_20161102_145220

After an afternoon nap, we got ready for dinner with our Taiwanese family. We headed to a local spot for a fancy tasting menu. We didn’t get photos of everything, but here are a few samplings. There was so much delicious food!!

The menu!
Crab with puffed rice cakes
Taiwanese “hamburger” (aka pork on a bun)
Yummy fish with a salty sauce
Spring onion pancake
Dessert: matcha mochi with red bean and coconut flakes (a very “Amanda” dessert)

It was so great to be hosted by our Taiwanese family. We had so much fun discussing culture and Taiwan and differences in culture. Plus, the food was so delicious! We are so grateful to this family for welcoming us in with open arms!

Our Taiwanese family!
Our Taiwanese family!

The following day, Steph picked us up and we headed out on a road trip! Our first stop was Jiufen to see Old Jiufen Street, eat some yummy food, and see the shops. This is an older town with streets full of food stalls and various medicine shops, toy shops, and other tchotchkes. We ate some good food, but didn’t get photos of everything.


Yummy taro and sweet potato balls in sweet red bean soup
Yummy taro and sweet potato balls in sweet red bean soup
Look at these cute dogs lined up! They are so adorable!
Look at these cute dogs lined up! They are so adorable!
Checking out the views
Checking out the views

Then we headed to the coast to visit the temple that is the resting place of Steph’s late grandfather. This drive went along the coast and it was very beautiful, so we stopped for photos.

dsc_3531 dsc_3543

The temple was very beautiful. We didn’t take many photos out of respect, but we got a tour and a learned a bit about burial/enshrinement rituals for Taoism and Buddhism.


On the way back to Taipei, we stopped in Pingxi, which is a cute town with streets similar to Jiufen, just smaller. They are known for the paper lanterns. People will make wishes and paint them on the lantern, then send them up into the sky. We didn’t make one, but we watched a lot of people sending them off.



That evening, we had a lovely stir-fry dinner with some of Stephanie’s friends. It was a great way to end our time in Taipei, because the following day we headed to the high speed rail to go to Tainan.

So many Taiwan Beer choices! Our favorite was the 18 Days kind!
So many Taiwan Beer choices! Our favorite was the 18 Days kind.

Shawn will be posting soon with an update on some of the delicious eats and awesome sites in Tainan!


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