The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

We recently rented a car to drive the Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s most famous attractions (think epic California coastline, but with koalas and kangaroos). I honestly don’t know a ton about what there’s to see in Australia, but my companion and lovely wife Amanda has pretty much done it all here and did not lead us astray. There’s a ton to do and see along the 150 mile stretch (so much you could spend a week or more), but we crammed the trip into 2 days and 1 night of adventure. Here are a few highlights so you get the idea.

Strongest woman … in the world
Koala Yummy
Crazy hair selfie
Reflections through more crazy hair
London Bridge (fell down 20-ish years ago)
Fewer than 12 Apostles
Tame hair selfie
Giant ferns
Tourist Attraction
Flies are out of control this summer

No joke, the flies were out of control. I think these ones are wired differently than those in the U.S., because they seem to go straight for the face and almost entirely disregard your swatting.

Along the route we stumbled upon a small, family owned wildlife park. Feeling the vibe, we opted in and we’re so glad we did. Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park has a bunch of friendly kangaroos, wallabies, alpacas, wombats, dingos, deer, sheep, emus, and peacocks. It was my first and possibly only chance to see kangaroos while in Australia, and we got up close and personal.

Getting in the mood
In the mood
Lunch time
Amanda’s new best friend
Definitely not my new best friend
Check out the shofar on that guy

No complaints from this kangaroo for sure. Next post we head to Yarra Valley, Victoria’s salubrious wine country for Amanda’s birthday.

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