Zagreb Life by the Goulash

Zagreb Life by the Goulash

It seems everywhere we go, either Amanda or I find a terrible pun or phrase to repeat over and over. In Italy, I liked to remind my wife that “this place is ruined,” or I’d sing “That’s Amoré” in my best Italian accent. In Zagreb, the best Amanda could do was ask “Can I Zagreb you anything?” Turns out there aren’t a lot of punny phrases to make out of Croatia’s capitol city, but we have few complaints for the city itself.

On our way in from Istria, we had a few hours to kill before returning our car in Zagreb, so we took a detour through the hills near Samobor. We were hoping to have time for a day hike, but ended up just having time for a hearty meal and taking in the views near the car. We only had room for a light dinner after that goulash.

Pretty view selfie
Goulash with venison and dumplings

We had just 2 nights in Zagreb, and used our time to tour the Museum of Broken Relationships, check out the Art Park, buy me a new sweater (yay, some long sleeves beside my blue flannel!), and see the glorious new live action remake of Beauty and the Beast! For some reason I had pretty low expectations for the museum, thinking it’d feel really touristy or cliché. It turned out to be very well done, and we were both impressed and entertained, plus their cafe made a solid cappuccino and espresso. We didn’t take photos there, but did take a whole bunch at the nearby Art Park, a relaxing, hip spot just off the main drag.

I had a lot of fun exploring the nooks and crannies of this place
The contemplating artist
Sleeping fox
Colorful critters
Magnolia in full effect

Zagreb is probably a fine place to live, but we felt like 2 days was enough for us to see the place before heading north to Slovenia, which we loved and will blog of soon.

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