A Blog About Prague

A Blog About Prague

For us to get around Europe, we found buses to be dirt cheap and pretty nice. We used Flixbus a few times, as well as Polski Bus and RegioJet. They all have nice seats, wifi, and RegioJet even has TV screens in each seat and you can watch movies! Trains were so expensive that buses made sense for our budget. We took a RegioJet to Prague from Wroclaw.

We had sort of misplanned our timing and scheduled ourselves to be in Prague for Easter weekend. In Europe, this is a big deal – things shut down Easter Sunday and everyone has a bank holiday on Monday. We had wanted to stay four nights, but ended up only staying three because hotels were ridiculously expensive and there weren’t many available.

We arrived in Prague on a Thursday evening, and Prague did not give us a warm welcome. Long story short, it took us 40 minutes to be able to buy a subway ticket. We finally got to our hotel after an hour and fifteen minutes and we were starving, so we ended up eating a yummy meal at a local restaurant near our hotel.

The next day we had planned to go explore the Jewish quarter, but I got a massive migraine and had to stay in bed all day. It was a huge bummer, especially since we knew we only had a short time in Prague and the following day was Shabbos, so we wouldn’t be able to see the synagogues. Shawn is a legend and took care of me all day. I felt okay enough to go to our dinner reservation at another restaurant near the hotel, so we enjoyed the goose, though would not recommend the Czech potato pancakes.

Goose and bread dumplings
Potato Pancake

The next day, I felt well enough to go out, so we went exploring. We went to the old city and walked through the Jewish quarter. We got to see the synagogues from the outside and saw a bunch of our brethren leaving services. There are quite a few synagogues in Prague and the Jewish quarter is really lovely.

Spanish Synagogue

We then ventured over to this sandwich shop our friends recommended called Sisters. Since sandwiches are our favorite food and we’ve kinda been missing them, we were very eager to try these open-faced light sandwiches! They did not disappoint! We had egg salad, herring, celeriac, roast beef, and smoked salmon. Our favorites were herring and roast beef. The celeriac and egg were delicious. Shockingly we didn’t love the smoked salmon!

Yummy Sisters sammies

We then wandered back into the old city. The Easter market was going, so we got to explore that. It wasn’t as good as Krakow’s, but was nice to check out. We also finally tried a chimney cake. They have these all over central Europe – it’s a dough wrapped around a metal pole, then baked over a fire by rolling it back and forth. Then it’s dipped in sugar, almonds, and cinnamon. It was nice – it had an essence of smokiness that was interesting. We didn’t love it, but it was fun to try. We were shocked to see people eating ice cream out of them!

Main square of the old city
Shawn joining in the fun
Chimney Cake!

We then walked along the waterfront​, watching people on paddle boats and taking in the views of Prague. We stopped at this little island to relax a bit before going home for tea and siesta. During our siesta, we were able to catch April the Giraffe’s live birth!


Well done, April!


We had dinner plans that evening at a Czech-French restaurant called Cafe Savoy. I think it’s a much hotter spot for breakfast, but we went for dinner. The food was tasty, but unfortunately, we had such terrible service that it left a sour taste in our mouths. I had duck confit with potato dumplings. Shawn had chicken schnitzel. I don’t want to talk about the service because it made me so mad, but I don’t recommend this place if you’re in Prague.


The beer that took forever to come

After dinner, we headed up to the castle because we had heard it’s better at night. It was very beautiful,but it started to rain really hard as soon as we got to the top of all the stairs we climbed! We stayed a few minutes to take in the views before heading back down. We walked across the famous Charles Bridge, which is also better at night, before heading home for the night.

The next morning we got a late start, so didn’t do more sightseeing as intended, so we went back to the bus station to head to Berlin.

We’re definitely going to have to go back to Prague. We feel we barely saw it and we don’t feel like we really got the Prague experience. There were so many restaurants we wanted to try and we really want more time in the Jewish quarter!

Next up, we’ll tell you all about Berlin, our final stop in mainland Europe!

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